Alexander Irchin

Green Logistics matters!


Logistics has been turned into a complex and global business during the last years with a lot of tasks like: 

  • Environmental challenges | cost pressure in a worldwide transportation network
  • Demand pattern changes from stable  to volatile and unpredictable

Nowadays, transportation solutions are a critical factor with focus on:


"On Time Delivery"(OTD) | Inventory Reduction | Optimized Capacity Management | Transport Quality | Digital & Realtime Customer Communication as well as sustaining transport methods with less carbon emission.



After more than 20 years in sourcing | purchasing | M&A related process integrations, I did move to Logistics some years ago. 

Much more insides into Supply Chain Network Solutions | Demand & Production Planning Optimization | Technology Transfers | SAP Integration | Leadership of strategic and operational global teams were helping me to focus on the important topics of today:

Logistics with a major impact in terms of environmental footprint & costs aspects in industrial companies.

As a Manager I must shift my focus towards environmental targets as we all have to save our planet for next generations!