Alexander Irchin

About me

During more than 20 years I could develop myself into a dynamic personality with professional leadership and management skills. I got a wide range of working experiences, proven in venture capital influenced companies and multinational corporations. During the journey I touched a lot of areas and improved my skill level in such a way to be able to support and help my teams and colleagues in our continuously changing business environment.  


  • Continuous success in business processes optimization in centralized & decentralized organizations   
  • Substantial skills global sourcing strategies and e-procurement solutions deployment 
  • Tremendous business process know-how with recognition by management & board of directors
  • Proven success during implementation of cost effective, green transportation solutions with less carbon emission and much more sustaining and green packaging 
  • High expertise in KPI- & Dashboard development with focus on a control tower approach 


Even after so long time in leadership experience, I‘m still searching for new ways to improve my own management style as there is allways a better way!


As our world is changing constantly I have to reflect my own work in a continuous way to find better concepts, develop much more efficient tools to support my teams and focus on strategic and sustainable topics. 

Beside all of this work my key focus is to listen and learn from people! 


Each person in my teams is important to our success day by day and personal recognition is key.


I strongly believe that we can develop us in a great way if we would be open to new ideas, reflections, feedback or concerns which people around us are willing to share each day.


We all can improve our work life  environment into a safe, trustful and successful place if we work in diversified teams and give everybody a chance to show his/her capabilities.


Routines and effective systems helping me to cope with increased complexity in our volatile business behaviour these days.


One important anker is always to ensure that my own reflections become part of these routines. I'm working constantly on myself to find better ways. 

In my point of view: Change starts with me and the rest will follow.!